Dosbarth Derbyn

We love taking part in activities on the mat, in the learning areas indoors and in our outdoor classroom. Our learning activities include language work, Tric a Chlic phonics, reading about Magi Ann and her friends, mathematics work or physical and creative development. We follow a different topic each term, based on the children's interests, to vary our activities.
The 'Helpwr Heddiw (Helper of the day) help lead the class and fill out the daily calendar. We are very good children and after getting 10 stickers, we get something from the treasure box or if we earn 8 'Seren Sgwrsio' (Chatting Stars for talking Welsh), we get a Seren Sgwrsio certificate to take home.
We use a 'Whole Hand' (Llond Llaw) on the mat - crossing legs, folding arms, looking eyes, listening ears and a closed mouth, zip! We use our kind hands, kind feet and kind words in class to make sure we're a good friend to everyone.

Dosbarth Derbyn

Dosbarth Cennin Pedr (Derbyn Glannau Dyfrdwy)

This year in Dosbarth Cennin Pedr we have 10 children. There are 5 boys and 5 girls. Our teacher is Miss Hughes and Mrs Lewis is our classroom assistant.

Dosbarth Glas y Gors (Derbyn Fflint)

This year in Dosbarth Glas y Gors we have 29 children. There are 17 boys and 12 girls. Our teacher is Miss Johnson and Mrs Roberts and Miss Davies are our classroom assistants.