Blwyddyn 5

We are fully settled into KS2 now we're in Year 5. We have experienced so many things already while being in Ysgol Croes Atti but still have plenty to look forward to. We have three terms and three themes to enjoy before we become the oldest children in the school!

We will have a bigger part to play across the school now taking on some responsibilities around the school and must be able to set a good example and be positive and friendly role models.
One of, if not the main event and highlight this year will be our residential trip to Cardiff. When we were in Year 4 we got to spend some time away with our friends and meet the children in the other Welsh Schools. We can't wait to go away again and build on the friendships we started to make in Glanllyn.

Blwyddyn 5

Dosbarth Onnen (Blwyddyn 5 Glannau Dyfrdwy)

This year we have 9 pupils, and every afternoon we work closely with pupils in yrs 3,4,5 & 6 in our challenge areas. Our teacher is Miss Hughes.

Dosbarth Dyfrdwy (Blwyddyn 5 Flint)

This year in year 5 we have 19 pupils. We spend our time being taught by Mr Elias, Mrs Rogers and Miss Owen. Mr Elias teaches us Numeracy and P.E, Mrs Rogers teaches Literacy and art, design and technology and Miss Owen teaches thematic aspects and helps us with our reading and spelling skills and also with our wellbeing.