Blwyddyn 1

During the year we will be studying lots of different stories and themes. In the Dosbarth Llygad y Dydd & Dosbarth Grug we will offer a happy, safe place that is full of excitement and different possibilities. We will also give the children different opportunities to develop their skills in listening, talking, communicating with others, expressing emotion and developing confidence.

Blwyddyn 1

Dosbarth Llygad y Dydd (Blwyddyn 1 Fflint)

This year in Dosbarth Llygad y Dydd we have 17 children. There are 9 boys and 8 girls. Our teacher is Miss Eagles during the Autumn term, then from January onwards Miss Johnson will be our classroom teacher. Miss Davies is our classroom assistant. Miss Eagles and Miss Johnson will teach Mathematics to Year 1 and 2 Flint and Miss Bayley will teach language to Year 1 and 2 Flint.

Dosbarth Grug (Blwyddyn 1 Glannau Dyfrdwy)

This year in Dosbarth Grug we have 10 children. There are 2 boys and 8 girls. Our teacher is Mrs Salisbury and Mrs Jones is the classroom assistant. In the afternoons Dosbarth Grug join Dosbarth Cennin Pedr where Mrs Roberts is the classroom teacher.